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USS Thunderchild

Crew Manifest


Welcome onboard the USS Thunderchild.  The Thunderchild or TC is assigned to Bravof Fleet's Task Force 58.  The USS Thunderchild is a vessel of the Naval Military Police and the Judge Advocate Generals Naval Criminal Investigative Services. It is the duty of the Thunderchild and her crew to attempt to investigate and stop crimes being perpitrated in the UFp by serving Starfleet Officers/Crewmen, Civilians and Agents of the Federal Government.  "Exemplo Ducemus" is her motto which means To Lead By Example. It is by this motto that the Thunderchild and her crew abide by. Only the best and most loyal officers and enlists are asked to join the hallowed halls of justice that are the veins of the Thunderchild.

The Officer in Command of the USS Thunderchild is Commander Louise T'rannus.  It is due to her history of serving with the Naval Military Military Police and Naval Criminal Investigative Services that she was selected for this highly coveted position. 

Please feel free to look around the Thunderchild. If you beleive you have what is needed to swear the oath to uphold the laws of the UFP please apply to join the Thunderchild